A victory for the qualified?

I was just perusing Facebook, when I saw a friend of mine write this: “This brings me so much joy. It’s about time women of color are brought to positions of power here.”

The eight women mentioned in the article she shared are all Democrats.

Wouldn’t it be great if people were celebrating election results because qualified people won?

This is not to suggest any or all of the women she mentions aren’t. I didn’t even read the article to see who they are. But being a “woman of color” doesn’t tell us one thing about who they are, their qualifications, or how they’ll do in a legislative or political position.

What I want to know is what they understand about our government, who stands for what, and the current issues of the day, and what they’ll do about them.

People like to call things racist all the time, but it sure seems like pointing out that these particular eight women “of color” is far more racist than just celebrating the victory of good candidates.