The founders of this country put their lives on the line for our independence. They were willing to die for the Great Experiment that we know as the United State of America.

Leaving British rule is not something they took lightly. Those who were leading the charge toward independence were not only putting themselves on the line. They were risking the lives of family and friends and the seizure of all they owned.

Yet, they risked all of that for a cause that has become the greatest nation on the face of the earth. They gave us their word that they would do anything - even die - for this country, and they stood by that commitment. These men and women could be trusted. They had honor. They risked their lives for all of us to have the right to pursue our own potential and our own happiness. Risked their lives. Think of that for a moment.

How many people in the United States in 2010 do you think would be willing to risk their lives for this country? Would you? We know who some of them are, because they’re serving in our military right now. Honor is about our character, our reputation and our good name. Can we be trusted? That is what honor is all about.

As I mentioned in the opening, there is very little trust in American right now. We don’t feel like we can trust our government, our corporations, our scientists, our news outlets.

This is why I wrote this book. Many think conservatives have no honor, but in fact, honor is what it’s all about.