Responsibility and Respect

Conservatives use the word responsibility quite a bit, and so it is that they try and take responsibility as well.

Say what you want about George Bush, but you never heard him blame Bill Clinton for anything, and you’ve never heard him criticize Obama. He took responsibility for every aspect of his presidency and for every decision he made. He initiated the war to take out Saddam Hussein, and despite the attacks and low approval polls, he took responsibility for his decision.

Contrast that to Barack Obama, who has yet to take responsibility for anything that has happened since he’s been President. Every so often he uses the phrase “for that I take full responsibility,” but that’s usually followed with a finger pointed at someone else who’s to blame, often in the same speech.

I realize these are only two individuals, and so it doesn’t prove much. But as a conservative raised by conservatives, my family and I were always taught to own up and take responsibility for our actions. We were also taught to embrace and fulfill our responsibilities to others.

Taking responsibility is most difficult when you’ve made a mistake. But that’s also the truest test of character. While it may be painful at that moment to own up to a mistake or poor judgment, you’ll ultimately be rewarded with respect and trust.