People can’t just get along for the sake of getting along. It’s not real, and it’ll never last.

Togetherness comes from people uniting behind a central idea, belief or goal. You can’t take a group of people who want more government control and a group who wants less government control and just tell them to get along. There’s no common tie there to bring them together.

Yet, that’s what liberal politicians expect. They run to the press to call for bipartisanship. They just wish the Republicans were willing to work together with them.

But when liberal politicians call for unity, what they’re really saying is that conservatives should abandon their principles, step aside and let the liberals do what they want. Essentially, getting along with liberal politicians simply means getting out of the way.

When it comes to tolerance, the tolerance of many liberals ends with conservatism. You don’t have to look very hard to see some of the things the most prominent liberal politicians in the country have said about conservatives. Look at those who attend protest after protest, and you will really see the “Bush is a terrorist” shirts and Bush effigy burnings happen. They love everyone else, but they simply can’t stand conservatives.

On the conservative side, we don’t hate liberals. Sure, given the state of the country and economy, we’re getting pretty frustrated with them. But we’re far more frustrated with the voters who didn’t heed the warnings prior to 2008 - thanks, in large part, because the liberal pundits and politicians said we were fear-mongering and should not be heard.

Conservatives are under no illusion that we’re never all just going to get along because we all have so many differences. But we hope that love of the United States is one area in which we could all stand together. It’s unfortunate that it requires a tragedy, but for about two weeks there, we almost had national unity after 9/11.

Liberals will say that Bush squandered it. Conservatives will say career liberals were just waiting until it was acceptable to start attacking Bush again.

Either way, the only way we’re ever going to have any chance at coming together is to realize that we all agree on many of the problems that we’re trying to solve. We simply need to hash out the solutions. Our appreciation for, and love of, the United States should be enough to unite everyone on some level.

Unless we don’t actually all have an appreciation and love of this country. If that’s the case, I’m afraid we have an entirely different problem to overcome.